ICRISET2017. International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology. Selected Papers in Civil Engineering


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3D model, adaptive pushover analysis., Adjacent Structure, Aggregates, air pollution, Air Quality Index, alkaline solution2, Ambient curing, Anomalies, ANSYS, ANSYS 16.2, ANSYS 17.2, ANSYS software, Arch beam, audiometric test, AVKUDA, Base isolation, Base shear6, BIM(Building Information Modelling), Blast analysis, Blast load2, Brick, BRT System, buffer management, Bundled Tube, California Bearing Ratio, capacity, Castellated beam, CBR, ceramic waste, chemical composition, Circular web opening, clay soil, coarse aggregates, Compare convantional and SCC, composition, compressive strength5, Confined masonry, constrained optimization, construction, Construction waste, Conventional concrete, cooling tower, Correlation and regression analysis, Creep, CREO, Critical Chain Project Management, critical gap, curing, Curved castellated beam, DCP Index, DDBD, Dense bitumen macadam (DBM), Development Plan, Direct displacement based design, displacement, displacement time history, Double layer Grid, drift ratio, drip irrigation, dry sand, ductility, Durability., dynamic analysis, Dynamic cone penetration test, Dynamic magnification factor, eco-friendly, Ecofriendly2, Economic Return, El Nino, Elevated tank, emission reduction, ENSO, environment, ETABS, Evotherm J1 chemical, Explosive distance, Extreme climate indices, FBD, FE method, fine aggregates, finite element analysis2, finite element method, Flexural behaviour, Floor acceleration, Fluid storage tank, fly ash3, Flyash, Follow up time, Framed tube, gap acceptance, Gap effect, Geogrid, Geopolymer, Geopolymer concrete3, GGBS3, GIS, Global optimum solution, GoC coastalbelt Remote sensing techniques, Good outer finish, Gradation, Green aviation, gust factor, Harmonic excitation, harmony search method, hearing loss, High performance concrete, High strength concrete, high-rise buildings, Hollow connector, Hybrid arch profile, impact2, impact load, Impact resistance, India, industrial waste, intersection, intertidal zone descrimination, Irrigation water quality, isolation, La Nina, Land feature tidal flats, Land suitability, lateral displacement, lateral load, lateral load resisting system, Less over all cost, Less Time consuming, Lighting Analysis, lightweight concrete, Limbasi canal command area, Limit state method, Lined canal, low cost, Lower Tapi basin, Magnesium Hazard (MH), Maintenance, Malls., Marshall Mix, Marshall Stability, masonry wall, mass irregularity, Mass ratio, Materials, mechanical properties, Medium scale town, Micro Irrigation, Micro-organism, microcracks, microsimmulation, Mitigation, moisture content, Moisture Susceptibility, Molarity, Moment resisting system, Monorail, More compressive strength of SCC, More durable structure, Multiple regressions, Municipal solid waste management, nano material, Nano Technology, nano titanium dioxide, Nanomaterials, Net Irrigation requirement, non-value added waste, Nonconforming Element, nonlinear dynamic analysis, Nonlinear static analysis, OMC MDD, OPC cement, openings Analysis, Optimum mix, Over strength factor, Particle packing, particle size, particulate matter, Pavements, Performance Point, physical and engineering properties, PLAXIS 2D, Polyurethane Rubber (PU), population, pressure-impulse diagram, probability of exceedance, problems, Progressive collapse, Pushover analysis5, quarry dust, R-Factor, RC building, RC frame2, RCC water tank, Reactive powder concrete, recycled plastic waste, reference crop evapotranspiration, regression analysis, Reinforced, reinforced masonry, Reinforcement in wall, Relative density, resonance, Resource based scheduling, Response modification factor, Response reduction factor2, Response Spectrum, retaining wall, Revit Architeture Software, Roundabout, RS, SAP2000, SCC Self-compacting concrete, Seashell powder, sediment concentration, Sediment transport rate, seismic analysis, seismic response2, Seismic responses, Self-compacting concrete, Serendipity Element, shear, Shear wall3, Shock spectra, SIFCON, silica fume, Simply supported rectangular plate, single degree of freedom system, sliding bearing, Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Soil flexibility, Soil stabilization, Soil-structure interaction, Solid Connector, South Gujarat region, Static and Modal analysis, Steel fibre, steel fibres, Steel plate shear wall2, Steel Staggered Truss System, Steel weight, Stiffness Asymmetry., Storey displacement, storey drift, Story displacement, Story drift, strength2, stresses2, strip modelling, Structural Optimization, Styrofoam, Sub grade, superplasticizer, suspended sediment, Sustainable, sustainable development, symmetric building, Tank capacity, temporary threshold shift., tensile strength, TFPS, Theory of Constraints, time history, Time History Analysis, Time period, traffic characteristics, traffic congestion, traffic noise, Trip attraction model, Trip generation model, twelve nodded element, type of impairment, UCS, Unbalance Bidding, Underwater Buildings, unsupported length, urban traffic problem, Vadodara International Airport, value added waste, Variable Temperature effect, velocity distribution, vertical geometric irregularity, vibration control, viscous damper2, Warm Mix Asphalt, water productivity, water scarcity, water sloshing damper, WMA (warm mix asphalt), Workability, Working stress method