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Micro-Irrigation: An Efficient Technology for India’s Sustainable Agricultural Growth

5 pagesPublished: July 22, 2017


India being an agrarian country, the present and future challenges of agricultural demand due to population increase can be met by technological innovations for sustainable agriculture. Indian agriculture beset with water scarcity and becomes less remunerative and uncertain. Since water being a precious resource for agriculture, every drop of water available for irrigation is significant for overall farm efficiency. Hence there is prudent and paramount need for efficient use of the available water and micro- irrigation is one such innovative technology. Economic return is very important for the adoption of any new technology. Economic return with more engineering approaches to keep water productivity more relevant in economic considerations [1]. Raising the physical productivity of water in crops without due considerations to economics will not have much relevance to small farmers in developing countries [2]. This paper assesses the current status and technologies of micro-irrigation and evaluating the future prospects of micro-irrigation adoption in India. The rationale of the paper is to appraise micro-irrigation as an innovative technology for sustainable agriculture in India and its significant impact on water productivity and land productivity.

Keyphrases: drip irrigation, Economic Return, Micro Irrigation, water productivity, water scarcity

In: C. D. Modhera, G. J. Joshi, D.P Soni, Indrajit N. Patel, A. K. Verma, L. B. Zala, S. D. Dhiman, D. R. Bhatt, Jagdish M. Rathod, Bhargav C. Goradiya, Mehfuza S. Holia and Dharita K. Patel (editors). ICRISET2017. International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology. Selected Papers in Civil Engineering, vol 1, pages 398--402

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