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Cohesion and Coherence-Building in Multiple Document Comprehension

EasyChair Preprint no. 6138

13 pagesDate: July 23, 2021


We examined the cohesion of readers’ constructed responses to multiple documents in relation to source-based essay quality. Participants (n=95) were prompted to think-aloud, self-explain, or evaluate sources while reading a set of texts; they then used the texts to write a source-based essay. Natural language processing techniques were used to analyze the cohesion of the constructed responses at within- and across-documents levels. Results indicated that within-document cohesion was negatively related to essay quality, whereas across-document cohesion was positively related to essay quality. These relations differed by condition; self-explanation and source evaluation instructions were related to greater across-text integration than think-alouds.

Keyphrases: cohesion, comprehension, Natural Language Processing, writing

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