PAAR-2012. Third Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning

17 articles177 pagesPublished: August 19, 2013


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Authorization Enforcement Functions, automated reasoning8, automated reasoning in non-classical logics, automated theorem proving3, Binary Decision Diagrams2, Bounded unification, CDCL2, CTL, Decidable unification problems, Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Questions, Effectively Propositional Logic, Efficient second-order theorem proving, encoding, EPR, evaluation, first-order reasoning, floating-point, formal verification, HERMIT, Higher-order resolution, HOL Light, implementation of provers, Instantiation-based calculi, interactive theorem proving2, Interrogative Epistemic Logic, logic, LTL model checking, machine learning, Mettel2, Mizar2, modal logic, model checking, Model Evolution, mu-calculus, multiple proofs, natural deduction, non-classical logics, one-pass tableau, Ontology, Ontology Reasoning, OWL, parallel theorem proving, partial order, premise selection2, Progress Report, proof transformation, propositional reasoning2, QBF, Quantified Boolean Formulas, query answering, regular expressions, resolution, SAT, SAT solving, satisfiability2, satisfiability checking, Satisfiability Modulo Theories, simplex, SMT solving, superposition, system description, Tableau, tableau calculus, tableau decision procedure, tableau prover generator, tableau synthesis framework, workflow, Workflow Systems