Proceedings of the International Conference on Maritime Autonomy and Remote Navigation 2023

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activity system, AI, AMC Test, Autonomous, autonomous navigation, Autonomous ship, Autonomous Shipping3, Autonomous ships, Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASV), boundary object, business case, chat, ColRegs Compliance, competency framework, Defence, Drones, Equipment/machinery breakdown, Future Ready2, Human-Technology coexistence, Hydro Regeneration, Industry 4.03, Intelligent Systems, Maintenance, Marine Engineer, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)2, Maritime Autonomy, maritime education, Maritime Education and Training, Maritime Policy, maritime safety, Maritime workforce, mass4, MET, modular, mooring, naval missions, Payloads, Reliability, Safe Return to Port, Seakeeping, Ship Landing, short-term prediction, simulation, Simulator Evaluation, skills and competency framework, sociocultural perspective, Solar Powered, STCW, STCW Code, The Royal Australian Navy, time series analysis, training, Unattended engine room, USV