GCAI 2015:Editor's Preface

This volume contains the papers presented at GCAI 2015: Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence held on October 15-18, 2015 in Tbilisi.

The program committee consisted of over 100 people from 34 countries. The program committee chairs were Georg Gottlob (Oxford University), Geoff Sutcliffe (University of Miami) and Andrei Voronkov (The University of Manchester, Chalmers University of Technology and EasyChair). There were 41 submissions, of which 22 were selected for presentation. The conference also features an invited talk by Robert Nieuwenhuis from Technical University of Catalonia. His invited paper is also included in this volume.

The conference is organized jointly by LRG and Tbilisi State University. It is the first ever LRG conference. LRG's mission is to bring together researchers worldwide to discuss advances in science, engineering and technology. It aims at organizing conferences all over the world where researchers from different countries and backgrounds can meet. This is what LRG wants to achieve:

  • Meeting not only in standard conference destination places, such as cities with large universities, but also in countries and cities with smaller research communities
  • Engagement with the local and regional research communities
  • Emphasis on cultural values, in addition to high research quality
  • Commitment to open access publishing, making the latest research results accessible to everybody

The LRG Steering Committee consists of the following researchers.

  • Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research, USA)
  • Adel Bouhoula (University of Carthage, Tunisia)
  • Laura Kovács (Chalmers University, Sweden)
  • Sriram Rajamani (Microsoft Research, India)
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Unievrsity of Miami, USA)
  • Andrei Voronkov (University of Manchester, UK)

The submission, program committee work, proceedings editing, registration and conference Web generation were done using EasyChair.



Georg Gottlob
Geoff Sutcliffe
Andrei Voronkov
October 2, 2015