Proceedings of 38th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications

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Adaptive Load Balancing, AI, algorithm, Architecture2, ARIMA, Artificial Neural Network, autonomous driving, BERT, Blackboard, Businnes Process Model, Businness Process, Cloud2, Cloud Computing, conservation law, conserved quantities, continuous logic, cooperation, cost optimization, Crawling Based Data Collection, Cybersecurity, data pre-processing, decentralized network, Decision Tree, decomposition, deep learning, Deep Q-Network, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Derangement, distributed systems, dynamic programming, Edge Networks, fairness, fake news, Fashion, faster settling time, Fog, Fuzzy Logic, Internal Model Control, LDEPTH, lesser overshoot, LIDAR sensing, logic odiscovery, machine learning3, Malware, modularity, NLP, non-dht, object detection, overlapping communities, P2P, P2P network, passenger prediction, PDF Extractor, polynomial regression model, probability theory, process quality, real-time control, recursion, SaaS, Scareware, service, Shell and tube heat exchanger, Stock Forecasting, text classification, traffic signal control