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Review and Comparative Studies on Mobile Operating System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8848

9 pagesDate: September 22, 2022


Smartphones are the substantially commonly used device in this era everyone on this earth has a smartphone and they use it to perform daily tasks like using different applications and socializing. Smartphones are portable devices with the latest technology so users can easily keep them instead of having a PC or laptop. An OS (operating system) is an extremely common factor that helps devices to work because it acts as the agent between the operator and the hardware. There are numerous operating systems existing for mobile phones and they are providing different features. There are different gains and losses of mobile phone operating systems. All diverse operating systems hold different market shares and companies are trying to provide new features to their clients as well. The objective of this analysis is to accomplish a comparative study on divergent operating systems utilized in smartphones and their different features. The furthermost generally adopted operating systems are iOS by Apple, Android by Google, and windows phone by Microsoft. The smartphones operating systems that are peak commonly in use are iOS (Apple) and Android(Google) as they are the marathons but android is seen as the greatest used operating system in smartphones due to its rich features. In this article common mobile operating systems are coed on the basis of different available features.

Keyphrases: iOS, Mobile Android, Operating System, Smartphones, Windows

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