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Transfiguring Indian Agrarian Warehousing Sector with Smart Engineering, Managerial & Environmental Approaches

EasyChair Preprint no. 10682

17 pagesDate: August 7, 2023


The storage and marketing facilities in agricultural sector have imperative linkages, which in turn, cares farmers & traders to gain more from their agricultural trade. Providing appropriate storage and value adding facilities for food grains/fruits/vegetables/fisheries/poultries/other-farm-produces is emerging as a giant issue for farm engineers, managers, environmentalists, growers, buyers and also the policy planners. Apart from ensuring grading, cleaning and packaging facilities at farm gate; the timely bringing of agricultural products to market, happens to be a vital & sensitive issue, which invites serious concern towards good governance and effectual strategic interventions on several key aspects. It includes storage, material handling, logistic, marketing infrastructure, communications, smart information, and many environmental considerations; to fetch best possible and balanced profits for growers, suppliers, and buyers with reduced risks & uncertainties.

Keyphrases: cold storage, Logistic, Negotiable, policy, Receipts, Warehouse, Warehouses

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