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The Agile Deployment using Machine Learning in HealthCare Service

EasyChair Preprint no. 2895

12 pagesDate: March 8, 2020


Hospitals are in search of industry-proven processes through which an increasing gamut of complicated operations can be managed most prudently and also reduce the operative costs to a considerable degree coupled with better care for quality. The Agile methodologies provide adequate in healthcare using machine learning. The agile is now ubiquitous in many work and organization. The ‘agile’ redesign deals with improving system responsiveness to the patient through an improvised source of flexibility and coordination. Machine learning help in healthcare to diagnose disease, recommend the treatment, online consultations improve, speeding up drug development and improve the training of doctor and medical student. In hospital healthcare services are good but the quality of service provided in rural areas as a comparison to urban is not up to the mark. The adoptions of a higher number of computerized tools have resulted in the advantage identified with the procedure for taking care of patient. According to W.H.O less than one (0.8) doctor assigned for 1,000, patients that’s why heavy workload on doctors in India and has placed 112th position among 191 countries of the world. Here design smart and secure healthcare service for rural areas to provide better healthcare service and healthcare cost estimation using agile Methodology in machine learning.

Keyphrases: Agile, Automation Testing, Extreme Programming, Healthcare service, machine learning

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