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PI Control for Load Disturbance Rejection

EasyChair Preprint no. 5319

6 pagesDate: April 13, 2021


Despite diversity of available multivariable control strategies, PID controllers will remain the workhorse of industrial process control due to simplicity, availability and effective performance. Still, there are more than many untuned or badly tuned PID controllers working in real applications. And if tuned, PID controllers are most probably tuned for a smooth setpoint response. Yet, the most frequent reason for PID control is rejecting load disturbances. This paper reminds of the PID controller’s importance of rejecting load disturbances over setpoint following by providing with optimal PI controller tuning rules for two most typical single-input single-output transfer function models. In addition, the paper introduces a simple and a truly practical method for assessing the PI controller’s load disturbance rejection performance in real process control applications.

Keyphrases: control performance, integrated absolute error, load disturbance, PID control, step response, transfer function

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