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Learning Pattern Discovery: Impact of User-Centric Design Approach towards Enhancement of E-learning Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 62

13 pagesDate: April 14, 2018


Modern tools for collection and analysis of data in all fields of learning are providing more and more records with increasing complexity in structure. These rising complexity is proved by the need for richer and more precise depiction of systems capable of providing learning platforms for pattern exploration where users can browse for knowledge they might consider as interesting. A prospective development will be to find richer patterns by developing systems which derive understandable learning patterns as well as making the discovered patterns explicable. To meet the needs of intended users, there is requirement for e-learning systems to embody technologies that support learners in achieving their learning goals and this process don’t happen automatically. The work in this paper considers the implication of a user centered design approach towards enhancement of e-learning systems. The focus is on identifying data about different learners within a learning executing environment and enriching the information values of the captured user profiles in order to address the problem of determining the presence of different learning patterns within a learning knowledge base. The proposed standpoint is based on how to make use of the learning data readily available, as well as how to explore and analyse the data to provide inference knowledge capable of enhancing individual learning performance. We also identify some of the common design problems with e-learning systems as means to revealing the implications for designers to stick to user-centric standards when building automated learning systems. To this end, this paper propose a method for automated learning directed towards discovering and enhancement of the set of recurrent behaviours that can be found within a learning knowledge base and how they can be modelled to enable a more effective reasoning and tactical strategies for personalized adaptation and decision making.

Keyphrases: automated learning, automated learning system, e-learning system, knowledge base, Learning concept, Learning data, learning model, learning pattern, learning process, learning system, pattern discovery, personalized adaptive learning system, presentation design, user profiles, user-centric design

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