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Political Crystals: Numinous Hashtags

EasyChair Preprint no. 976

7 pagesDate: May 8, 2019


This paper presents and critically discusses the installation “Political Crystals: Numinous Hashtags” (2018-2019) – a poetic exploration of the ironic numinous aspects of Brazilian 2018 presidential elections. Combining parametric modeling generative strategies for data visualization with digital fabrication, the work includes the algorithmic design of a series of geometrically intricate models using as raw data Twitter APIs to perform sequential data analysis and conversions having as the Search phrase hashtags related to Brazilian 2018 presidential elections Twitted from defined geolocation. The resultant translucent 3D shapes and its sophisticated data-based generative modeling evoke sublime and numinous aspects of natural crystal cluster such as quartz crystals while hiding the dramatic force of a manipulated faithful army in spreading hate discourses against minorities, defending a populism that returns to its fascist origins in Latin America.

Keyphrases: algorithmic design, Altered Reality, Assembly of God, Brazil Presidential Elections, data visualization, digital fabrication, Hashtag wars, parametric design, Political Crystals, Silicon Valley, social media, trolls and bots, Twitter

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