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Automated Car Routes to Their Parking Spots in Parking Areas Using Machine Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 5499

4 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


Parking places are very important all over the world especially in the metropolitan cities of the countries. Every day hundreds of automobile drivers spend lots of the time to find wherein to park. The end result of this example is theft in urban areas, growing traffic congestion and frustration of drivers. In order to solve this problem, a study has been carried out to use a smart parking application that utilises machine learning algorithms to help in providing automated car routes to their parking spots in parking areas at Galgotias University,Gautam Buddha Nagar, Greater Noida, India. Parking statistics become collected over a 4 week period and the WEKA Machine Learning Workbench changed into used to discover excessive-appearing algorithms for predicting future parking occupancy costs and provide automobile routes in parking regions as a consequence.

Keyphrases: Internet of Things, machine learning, Parking application, Parking Cameras, parking sensors, Smart Parking

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