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The Essence of the Matter of Intelligent Computer Communication

EasyChair Preprint no. 4411

8 pagesDate: October 17, 2020


In this paper, I introduce automatic information retrieval system (AINRS) as an essential matter of intelligent computer communication (ICC). Automatic information retrieval system (AINRS) is a system of information retrieval and communication with an intelligent modem and a communication software by recognition of attention commands in a computer. There is a presentation of the human age in computer and automation especially for human intelligence. A look at the current media of communication that includes texts and pictures used with short messaging service (SMS) and multi-media messaging service (MMS) respectively. The paper shows the aims or objectives that an ICC application helps to achieve in the communication context. In this paper, I discuss scope of work constituent to the system of intelligent computer communication.

Keyphrases: Application, Automation., communication, computer, Information Retrieval, intelligent computer communication

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