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Numerical Study of Auto-Gyro Descent System for Earth's Atmosphere

EasyChair Preprint no. 6383

6 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


An atmospheric descent mechanism that utilizes no power would be an efficient way to perform a safe landing procedure for small sized payloads and selected large payloads. This research paper presents the safe landing concept of an auto gyro descent system in the atmosphere of Earth, from a height of less than 1 Kilometer taken from the surface of executing point, using a specialized lift producing blade even at very low free stream velocity. These blades are designed to be highly cambered with suitable parameters as described further in the paper. Most of the parts are designed using CAD software and are 3D printed after a thorough simulation and analysis tests done using COMSOL Multi-physics and Xflr 5 for respective solutions. The model also includes the aerodynamics of the entire structure along with a base casing of specified structural design for further inclusion of electronic components for suitable scientific experiments. This provides a future base line for any kind of atmospheric studies or tests at a reasonable price and can be reused.

Keyphrases: Aerodynamics, airfoil design, atmosphere, auto gyro, auto gyro descent, Computational Fluid Dynamics, descent mechanism, Descent System, Maple Seed

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