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Power Plant, Propulsion Complex and Control System of Autonomous Dual-Purpose Underwater Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 4534

8 pagesDate: November 9, 2020


The integrated use of small autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) - unmanned aerial vehicles with the radius of autonomous action up to 10 km and deadweight up to 500 kg, allows to solve many practically significant and important problems inherent in the current economic and military-political situation of Ukraine. There is an important task that is part of the "Navy Strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - 2035", the production in Ukraine of modern small-sized AUVs, narrowly specialized and applied to perform specific tasks of military and civilian use. It is believed that this task is solved either by the purchase of imported AUVs (for civilian use only), or only if there is sufficient funding for certain areas of research and the creation of military AUVs and requires significant, including temporary, resources. A conceptual solution is proposed, which significantly reduces the resources needed to create a dual-purpose AUV, which is based on the use of principles of multi-purpose AUV construction with selected (by set compromise criteria) hardware and basic elements of the ship's power plant, propulsion system, energy efficiency management system, energy efficiency system positioning, etc.), power, and uses a modular structural base.

Keyphrases: autonomous underwater vehicles, Computational Fluid Dynamics, control algorithms, formalization of the physical model, frequency converter, power plant, propulsion induction electric motor

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