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Utilization of Wearable Technology: A synthesis of literature review

EasyChair Preprint no. 738

9 pagesDate: January 19, 2019


Wearable Technology is poised to impact numerous sectors of economy. This technology includes several devices that can be worn by the consumer as monitoring and tracking mechanism such as a wrist band to monitor blood pressure and respiratory rate wirelessly, a headband for detecting any brain injury or smart patches for remote monitoring and home diagnosis. It has been believed that wearable technology will be a big part of healthcare and medicine sector in future but despite the significance of technology, the utilization focus remains fuzzy and undermined. Building on review of most recent studies, this paper investigates how wearable technology has been presented in the recent research. The literature review shows that most of the emphasis of researchers has been on the reliability of the information collected through wearable devices and use of this collected information in determining the health and fitness level of the consumers. However, very less understanding has been observed when it comes to utilization of these technologies as a preventive tool. This paper further investigates that how these wearable technologies can be used to gain potential health and social benefits and suggests more work and need of understanding about adoption and utilization of wearable technologies to control social behavioral misconducts like drug abuse and sexual assaults etc.

Keyphrases: Adoption, Healthcare, monitoring, social, social behavioral misconduct, social benefit, Social Return, wearable device, wearable technology

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