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Secure e-Governance Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 4252

7 pagesDate: September 23, 2020


E-Governance system presents great opportunities for countries around the world offering government services online. Many countries have developed their E-governance systems to facilitate services for their citizen. However, the system suffers from serious challenges like security and privacy issues. These challenges have led to a drastic reduction of public trust in the system. This paper carries out a study on existing studies on securing e-governance frameworks. After a thorough search process and critical quality evaluation, we identify sixteen relevant studies related to the E-governance across various platforms. Our research reveals that use of blockchain technology is a strong option to secure E-government platforms and services. Therefore, a new framework that integrates blockchain into e-governance is proposed with Saudi Arabia selected as a use case. The framework represents a hierarchical model and involves use of blockchain between De Militarized Zone (DMZ) and Secured Intranet zone. We believe our proposed framework would facilitate better and secure management of important functions within the organisation.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, e-Governance, Privacy, Security

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