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Data Management and Solutions in the Open University from the Big Data Analysis Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 13643

8 pagesDate: June 12, 2024


In order to break the Information Island (it refers to computer application systems that are not functionally related or mutually supportive, do not share or exchange information) through relevant information technology, the following findings and implications are proposed to solve the cult of big data(only have belief in big data and lose own thinking), the risk of "big data only" and the problem of data security.
Design/methodology/approach – This article have used four methodologies, including Literature research method; Design-based research; Questionnaire survey method and Data modeling method.
Findings –Under the perspective of big data, also combined with the university environment of open education, the findings of big data analysis in open education can be found. Firstly, it is necessary to break the information barrier through relevant information technology, so as to achieve the real sense of campus openness. Secondly, it should provide relevant data and information which can support the construction of open campus. Exploring the applications of big data analytic in open education and its extended Applications in teaching services, campus services and campus management. Thirdly, it is necessary to achieve data sharing of university reuse through the mutual platform construction. What is more, considering hierarchical management & implement intelligent applications as well as strengthen the top-level design, and start pilot study on Smart Alliance Campus(it refers to campus have close connection with smart machines &software). Protecting data privacy, and improving information security at the same time. It also indicates the comprehensive governance of big data in education.
Keywords: data management, open university, big data

Keyphrases: Big Data, data management, Open University

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