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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and It’s Application in Cyber Security

EasyChair Preprint no. 5791

11 pagesDate: June 15, 2021


One of the major issues we face in this rapidly advancing world is the evolution of threats that occur with the evolution in science. Cyber security is one of the main concerns that technical world has to deal with in this digital civilization. Number of cyber threats and cyber-crimes are taking place even as we are reading this paper right now. Cybercrimes including cracking of cryptography data, hacking of servers, Data breaches, ID thefts and many more challenges . With the advancements in the field of Artificial intelligence and ML these risks are shooting high in numbers with an exponential curve. A.I. has made its way into almost every field be it in healthcare for detecting cancers using data or using facial recognition systems for logging into devices as well as websites. These risks affect a large number of individuals and companies as well. That is why there is a need to learn the use of A.I. in cyber security to avoid the attacks that can be “intelligently” executed and exploit the vulnerabilities. In this report we will discuss about some future scopes of A.I. and its efficient use in Cyber Security fields.

Keyphrases: Applications of A.I., Artificial Intelligence, Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity, Cyber Crimes, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Cyber Security techniques

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