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Internet of Things (IOT) Based Pumping Set Irrigation System – Smart Farming

EasyChair Preprint no. 7812

5 pagesDate: April 19, 2022


Approximately 70% of India's population depends on agriculture, and one third of the nation's capital is generated by the industry. Agricultural issues have always hindered the development of the country. A solution to this problem is smart agriculture, which is achieved by modernizing the current traditional methods of agriculture. So the project aims to make agriculture smart through automation and Internet of Things. Water availability is monitored in automation systems through sensors, and crop watering is accordingly controlled through controlled irrigation. The proposed Irrigation system implements IoT, so that all the information received from the sensors and the various parameters are fed directly into the microcontroller. In the microcontroller, a pre-set value for soil moisture sensor is configured. When the threshold value for soil moisture sensor is exceeded, water is automatically applied to the crops, and as soon as the amount of water required is met, irrigation stops. This information is then sent over the internet through a Wi-Fi module attached to the microcontroller. This enhances automated irrigation, as the pump can be turned on or off based on the information given by the controller. With this application, the water system for the agricultural field is controlled precisely by sensors and microcontrollers. With this method, various parameters related to a field can be measured automatically without using manpower, improving the irrigation process.

Keyphrases: Internet of Things (IoT), Irrigation, Smart Farming

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