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Analytic Hierarchy Process Sustainability at the Significant Number of Alternatives Ranking

EasyChair Preprint no. 4185

12 pagesDate: September 14, 2020


This paper focuses on the need to evaluate the sustainability of Analytic hierarchy process at the Ranking of more than 10 alternatives. The proposed method is based on simulation modeling of the process of improving expert pair-wise comparison judgments. The represented method provides a stepwise improvement of the pair-wise comparison matrix transitivity. The average discrepancy and coincidence of ranks in multiple modeling are proposed as es-timates of the rating stability. The application of the developed method was studied on a statistical sample formed according to the final tables of the Eng-land, Germany and Spain football championships. The method for determining probability of some alternatives ranks is developed. It is possible to modify the method for predicting the results of sports competitions and for the case of ranking with partially missing expert ratings

Keyphrases: Analytic Hierarchy Process, consistency, Pair-wise comparison matrix, Ranking, simulation modeling, Sustainability

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