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Adapter Pattern Web Service for Mobile Library Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 10817

5 pagesDate: September 1, 2023


A mobile library has become a compulsory service to provide for libraries. Related to mobile library service, we proposed an application architecture that consists of mobile application and web services. Because of there are some remote data sources, we have designed a framework that implement adapter design pattern in library web service. We cooperate with Jogja Library for All (JLA) to implement our framework for providing library catalog service for JLA users. Jogja Library for All (JLA) is library forum that provide online catalog service of all its library members. This architecture is designated not only to focus on providing mobile catalog service for JLA but also for similar organization. Implementing location based service and qrcode/barcode scanning has made this proposed system as one of mobile library altenative implementations. After the implementation, the system run well as mobile library service.

Keyphrases: Adapter Design Pattern, Android, jogja library for all, mobile library, Web Service

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