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Face Recognition Security System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7297

5 pagesDate: January 5, 2022


Nowadays organizations are facing security concerns; accordingly, they require specially trained engineers to look after the security as well as for its management., as not being machines, we may make miscalculations that might affect the system. A proposed result to the forenamed matter is a Face Recognition Security System, which can result in interference to an organization  and help in minimizing errors. This system consists of two major parts: the first being the tackling part and  the second, being the software part. The first  part uses a camera, while the second part includes discovery and face-recognition algorithms. When someone tries to enter an area in question, a series of images are captured and delivered  to the program(system) to be processed and the model which is already trained identifies whether the person belongs to that organization.Else an alarm gets triggered if the particular person is not identified. 

Keyphrases: CNN, deep learning, face recognition, Flutter, machine learning

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