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Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: BIM 6D for Multi-Storey Building- a Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 8583

6 pagesDate: August 3, 2022


Building Information Modelling is method of combining modelling data from many sources to produce virtual models of intelligently parameterized facilities. BIM 6D is known as the production of an energy model for sustainable building in a simple way. Unfortunately, slow adoption of BIM in Malaysia's building industry have highlighted the need to identify the significant of BIM adoption in Malaysian‘s construction industry. This study also analyse the sustainability and energy analysis for Multi-Storey Building and determine the challenges in BIM and strategies that will enhance effective. A total 51 feedbacks were received. The study found the most concerned barriers factor in implementing BIM in Malaysian construction industry is expensive software with highest means index of 4.06 while the most supported strategies in implementing BIM is related to economic which by subsiding the price of BIM software with mean score 4.73. Moreover, this study was done for Sipitang District Police Headquarters, Sabah project to better examine the benefits and limitations of 6D BIM. By minimizing Window-Wall Ratio, Infiltration, Lighting Efficiency, Daylighting and Occupancy Controls and Plug Load Efficiency could lead significant reduction about 43% in annual mean energy use which have been done by Green Building Studio (GBS) and Insight 360.

Keyphrases: Autodesk Insight 360, BIM 6D, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Green Building Studio (GBS), sustainable building

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