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Understanding Perceptions of Conceptual Information Technology Adaptive Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 2877

8 pagesDate: March 5, 2020


The purpose of this research paper is to understand student and instructor perceptions of conceptual Information Technology adaptive learning. An adaptive learning system was implemented in a large multi-section general education computing course to cover the conceptual technology topics covered in that course. Students were required to complete an adaptive learning session for each major computing topic. At the end of the semester, a survey was given to 584 students and 25 instructors to understand the impact the adaptive learning system had on the course material, the students and the instructors. Students were surveyed on their impressions of how the adaptive learning system helped them learn, and they gave feedback on the various tools provided by the system. Instructors were asked to compare the adaptive learning tool to the traditional e-book previously used in the course. We found that both students and instructors viewed adaptive learning as a beneficial addition to this computing course for the ability to focus on topics that students do not understand and for the tools it provides to motivate and engage the students.

Keyphrases: adaptive learning system, adaptive learning tool, Adaptive Teaching and Learning, Agile Teaching and Learning, computing concept, Computing course, connect adaptive learning system, course material, Georgia Gwinnett College, information technology lawrenceville, Instructor Perception, Saving Course Preparation Time, student perception, student retention, student survey, user interface

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