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Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Hotspots on Inbound Tourism from the Perspective of Globalization

EasyChair Preprint no. 6902

21 pagesDate: October 20, 2021


Using the research results from the many that have been published, this paper seeks to visualize the basic characteristics of articles and research hotspots on inbound tourism, and to analyze and summarize the causes and background of these hotspots as well as their effects on the development of tourism. Based on a bibliometric analysis of 1,232 articles on the Web of Science database between 1997 and 2020, this paper shows results that 1) inbound tourism can be divided into three main research stages, among which the research results in the last four years are particularly fruitful; 2) inbound tourism research is concentrated in a small number of countries/regions, and the research institutions and scholars in this field tend to do independent research, resulting in a global academic community that has not yet formed; 3) the research hotspots of inbound tourism can be summarized into two main directions and seven themes. Among them, studies related to COVID-19 focus on themes such as "inbound ecological and medical tourism", "natural environment of inbound tourism destination" and "the influence of negative social factors on inbound tourism", while the micro perspective of inbound tourism consumers received less attention. The findings can provide insights and suggestions for inbound tourism research in the post-epidemic period.

Keyphrases: bibliometric analysis, CiteSpace, Globalization, inbound tourism, Research Hotspots

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