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Dampak Kunjungan Wisatawan Terhadap Keberlanjutan Savana Bekol Taman Nasional Baluran

EasyChair Preprint no. 12777

5 pagesDate: March 27, 2024


Baluran National Park in East Java Province, Indonesia, is a unique natural site that attracts visitors with its charm. One of the attractions is Savana Bekol, which is a hidden gem with vast grasslands and unspoiled natural scenery. Baluran National Park, with its extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, offers an unforgettable natural experience. However, the increase in tourist visits to the Bekol Savana has presented problems related to nature conservation and sustainability. This crowding can disrupt native ecosystems and pose a risk of environmental damage. In this context, the research aims to investigate the impact of tourist visits on the environmental sustainability of Savana Bekol, the focus is on crowd levels and environmental management practices. In order to overcome negative impacts, Baluran National Park has implemented various management practices, such as zoning, plant rehabilitation, wildlife protection, environmental education and awareness, and mitigation of negative environmental impacts. Limiting the number of visitors, strict supervision and education are important steps to maintain a balance between tourism and environmental preservation. It is important to understand that visitors can make a positive contribution if they know how to care for the environment when visiting. By maintaining this balance, the Bekol Savana in Baluran National Park will continue to be a beautiful and valuable tourist destination for future generations.

Keyphrases: Baluran National Park, Environmental Sustainability, Savana Bekol

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