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Nanostore Vs Modern Channel: Process Optimization Proposal

EasyChair Preprint no. 11739

9 pagesDate: January 11, 2024


In Peru, "bodegas," nanostores, are essential for families' daily supplies. With around 535,000 establishments throughout the country, 150,000 are in Lima. They represent 75% of mass consumption. Despite their roots in society, the modern channel incursion has raised questions about the continuity of these small stores. This phenomenon is not new because, in developed countries, similar businesses were displaced by supermarket chains. This research immerses traditional and modern channel relationship dynamics, evaluating whether the nanostores' generic cost leadership strategy is efficient compared to large retailers' differentiation strategy. Likewise, we will explore nanostores' challenges and opportunities regarding technology, financing, and social and economic instability that impact their livelihood. From this, we will provide short- and long-term process optimization strategies. Hence, this study examines small businesses, nanostores, and supermarket interaction processes, providing key perspectives to guarantee their continuity and success in the market.

Keyphrases: Modern channel, Nanostore, Optimization, processes, Supermarkets

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