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Social Aspects of Software Testing: Comparative Studies in Asia

EasyChair Preprint no. 8209

10 pagesDate: June 8, 2022


This paper attempts to understand motivators and de-motivators that influence the decisions of software students to take up and sustain software testing careers across three different Asian countries, i.e., India, China, and Malaysia. The research question can be framed as “How many software students across different Asian geographies are keen to take up testing careers, and what are the reasons for their choices?” Towards an answer, we developed a cross-sectional but simple survey-based instrument. In this work, we investigated how software students perceived the software testing role. The results from India and China revealed that students are not very keen on taking up a software tester career, but the Malaysia students’ show a more positive attitude towards software testing. The study also pointed out the importance of considering software testing activities as a set of human-dependent tasks and emphasized the need for further research that examines critically individual assessments of software testers about software testing activities. This investigation can academics involved in software testing courses to understand the impacting factors on the motivation and de-motivators of their students, as well as to try convey positive view of software testing as challenging and requires critical thinking and innovative ideas.

Keyphrases: cross-cultural studies, Empirical Software Engineering, human dimension, Human factors in software engineering, software careers, Software Engineering, software testing

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