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Expressing Even Numbers Beyond 6 as Sums of Two Primes

EasyChair Preprint no. 11401

3 pagesDate: November 28, 2023


The ”strong Goldbach conjecture” posits that any even number exceeding
6 can be represented as the sum of two prime numbers. This
study explores this hypothesis, leveraging the constancy of odd integer
quantities and cumulative sums within positive integers. By identifying
odd prime numbers, pα1and pα2, within [3, n] and (n, 2n-2) intervals, we
demonstrate a transformative process grounded in the unchanging nature
of odd number counts and their cumulative sums. Through this process,
we establish the equation 2n =pα1 + pα2, offering a significant stride in
unraveling the enigmatic core of the strong Goldbach conjecture.

Keyphrases: natural number, Prime, Real

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