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A Survey Paper for Parsing of English Sentences Using Context-Free Grammar

EasyChair Preprint no. 7676

4 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


The objective of parsing is to transform a natural language sentence it in to a standard order. and in a same way a sentence is tokenized with an appropriate format. There are certain English grammar evaluation rules and the parsing approach which is to be followed for the proper formation of a particular sentence syntactically and semantically using the parsing approach. A sentence in English language is the main element in the semantic parser, which creates a parse tree with the help of applying semantic dating technique to a number of phrases. A parser divides a token into smaller components by applying sets of guidelines that characterize and a series of the tokens to determine its structure of the language, which specified by grammar. The illustration provides easy records on grammatical connections, which can simply know and put into practice with those who have no prior knowledge of the language, such as those who need to obtain textual family members. The semantic family members represent the relationships of a number of the words in the sentence. We advocate utilizing our parser to acquire the tagged sets as well as a context-free layout grammatical representation for the source form. All pronouns, adverbs, singular, plural, nouns, verbs, people, adjectives, tenses and other words are kept in a database.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, bottom-up parser, context-free grammar, English grammar, Semantic Parser

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