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LISP(P) : a New Pedagogical Approach for Learning Mathematics in Colleges

EasyChair Preprint no. 7886

6 pagesDate: May 2, 2022


The education level of any given nation is a major indicator of its progress and well-being. Developed countries are always elaborating new curricula and integrating them into modern technological forms in order to make the learning process much more easier. Following these countries footsteps, underdeveloped countries are trying to do the same and Algeria is one of them. In Algeria, and according to statistics published by the Ministry of National Education regarding the level of students in term of languages and mathematics, results are not very cheerful. Lot of reasons can be behind these results, some of them are of pedagogical nature such as teaching techniques, others can be technical like the teacher's training. The aim of our work is to provide teachers and students with more modern tools that can make the learning process a much more pleasant experience for both of them, and this can be achieved by taking advantage of the rapid and progressive development of information and communication technologies (ICT). Our proposed educational approach is called LISPP (Learn, Imagine, Select, Practice, Play). This approach has been implemented in a platform called M2M (Mathematics for 2nd year Middle), a straightforward interface, that attracts students to learn mathematics in a funny and non-intimidating way. In order to assess the students progress, the system make them passe collaborative as well as individual tests before letting them reach the final level.

Keyphrases: Algerian middle school, collaborative assessment, collaborative learning, distance education, e-learning, eLearning, ICT, Information and Communication Technologies, mathematics learning, online education, self-assessment, serious game

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