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Enhanced Solar Harvest: Optimizing Off-Grid PV System Efficiency with Dual-Axis Tracking

EasyChair Preprint no. 10224

4 pagesDate: May 21, 2023


This report presents a study on enhancing solar harvest in off-grid PV systems through the implementation of a dual-axis tracking system. The objective is to optimize the system's efficiency and increase energy output. The V-I characteristics of the solar panel used in the prototype are analyzed to understand its performance under various conditions. The limitations encountered during the project, such as cost constraints and maintenance challenges, are discussed. The working principle of the prototype, including the design, components, and operational workflow of the dual-axis tracking system, is explained. The results obtained from the prototype are analyzed, considering energy output, efficiency gains, and tracking accuracy. The conclusions highlight the effectiveness of the dual-axis tracking system in improving off-grid PV system efficiency and suggest areas for further improvement. This research contributes to the development of enhanced solar harvesting techniques and emphasizes the importance of sustainable energy generation for off-grid applications.

Keyphrases: Conclusion, Dual axis tracking, efficiency, Energy Output, enhanced solar harvest, limitations, off-grid PV system, prototype, Result Analysis, V-I characteristics

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