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Evaluation of Work Accidents in Colombia and Antioquia According to Economic Activity. 2019

EasyChair Preprint no. 11297

20 pagesDate: November 16, 2023


Workplace accidents in Colombia have a frequency with little variability over time periods, despite investments in protection, the statistics continue to be considerable, in the last period from 2018 to 2019, the percentage of work accidents decreased, this would lead to conclude that in this period, health promotion and disease prevention measures, such as activities related to training implemented in companies, have had a greater impact, however they remain insufficient, while people have a greater perception of risk and They develop skills that promote their self-care. Based on what was stated, the objective was formulated: Determine the behavior of work accidents and their severity, according to economic activity in Colombia and Antioquia during the year 2019. The methodology used for the research was: Descriptive analysis, chi square, and models logistic regression. The main findings: Similar behavior at both territorial levels. Concentration of accidents in few economic activities, predominantly in men, but in Antioquia significantly in women, workers at an early age and with little seniority had more accidents. The main variables associated with the occurrence of accidents were: Injuries and multiple injuries, contusions, and violent circumstances for Colombia. In Antioquia accidents are mainly due to: multiple injuries and violent circumstances. Conclusions: Actions to promote and prevent occupational accidents should be generated in a general way for all territories, prioritizing the prevention and attention of accidents in the male working population, intervening only three variables and five economic activities, around 85% of accidents would be prevented. accidents throughout the country.

Keyphrases: accident prevention, Accidents Occupational, health promotion, health risk behaviors, Occupational Health, risk factors, working environment

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