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Predicting of Present Serviceability Rating by International Roughness Index in Jordan

EasyChair Preprint no. 11395

10 pagesDate: November 27, 2023


Pavement distress information is usually converted into different condition indices. The condition indices combine information from all of the distress types, severities, and quantities into a single number. The Present Serviceability Rating was one of the earliest pavement condition indices that was developed at the AASHO Road Test. It was a subjective ride quality rating that required a panel of observers to ride in an automobile and assign a pavement condition value that indicated the level of service the pavement provided on the descriptive 0 to 5 scale. This paper presents the Applicability of the International Roughness Index as a Predictor of Present Serviceability Rating. Using the least square method, different regression models were developed to predict pavement conditions in terms of Present Serviceability Rating at any given surface roughness. Further, an analysis of the coefficient of determination and percent stander error confirms the existence of a strong natural exponential model between both variables.

Keyphrases: International Roughness Index (IRI), least square method, natural exponential model, Pavement Management System, Present serviceability Rating (PSR), Surface roughness

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