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Optimizing Waste Management in Construction: A Policy Development Approach for Sustainable Practices

EasyChair Preprint no. 11779

9 pagesDate: January 17, 2024


The construction industry is pivotal in advancing infrastructure but also contributes significantly to environmental degradation through waste generation. This research investigates waste management practices in three construction projects in Chittagong, Bangladesh, aiming to develop a feasible waste management policy. Through a rigorous analysis of site-specific data, the study identifies the types and quantities of waste generated and evaluates existing waste management practices. The paper proposes a policy focused on reducing waste through strategic planning, efficient resource utilization, and enhanced recycling efforts. While the study provides a foundational policy framework and contributes to sustainable construction practices, it also acknowledges its limitations due to the sample size and geographical focus. Future research directions include broader application and longitudinal studies to assess the policy's impact, integration of advanced technological tools for waste tracking, and a more in-depth stakeholder analysis to foster inclusive and comprehensive waste management solutions. This work serves as a stepping stone towards more sustainable construction practices, with implications for environmental, economic, and regulatory aspects of construction waste management.

Keyphrases: construction, policy, waste management

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