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Teaching Learning Analytics – A Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 76

3 pagesDate: April 18, 2018


The idea behind learning analytics is to gain insight into students’ study progress. It is used for example at the University of Kentucky [UK15] to identify students at risk completing their degree in order to provide them with personalized counselling services. But as data is the new oil, education on data science in general becomes more crucial. This is reflected in new master degree programs, but how to give students in “ordinary” curricula the opportunity to peek into this field?

In our poster we share experiences from our short intensive courses on learning analytics. At first, we provide key details on context and concept of the course. Following, we will showcase the most inspiring student projects. For example, they recommend students electives similar students attended and visualize, if students attended a course earlier or later than intended in the program and its result on the average grades in the exams. Finally, we briefly discuss operational elements that other EUNIS institutions can transfer to setup a similar course on their own.

Keyphrases: Agile Methodologies Teaching, blended learning, collaborative learning, game-based learning, International Student Teams, learning analytics, Short-term Student Mobility, Student Success Technology, visualization

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