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Awareness and Prevention on UPI Scam

EasyChair Preprint no. 4879

3 pagesDate: January 11, 2021


Care is the state of monitoring something. Even more unequivocally, is the ability to direct know and see, to feel, or to be aware of events. Another definition depicts it as a state wherein a subject thinks about some information when that information direct open to bring to bear toward a wide extent of social exercises. The thought is regularly tradable to awareness and is moreover seen as being discerning itself. The exhibition of keeping something from happening or of keeping someone from achieving something: Bad behaviour contravention In light of everything; it is consistently said that expectation is better than fix. UPI full structure is Unified Payments Interface. UPI is and second predictable part make by National Payments Corporation of India enabling between bank exchanges. The interface is compelled by Reserve Bank of India and works by in a concise moment moving asset between two financial changes on a versatile stage.

Keyphrases: Awareness, Prevention, scam, unified payment interface scam, Unified Payments Interface, UPI, upi application, UPI Scam

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