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Evaluation and Improvement of Al-Assaf Signalized Intersections in Amman City

EasyChair Preprint no. 11412

14 pagesDate: November 29, 2023


Traffic Simulation studies the interaction between the traffic stream elements, which consist of road users (drivers & pedestrians), roadways (streets and highways), vehicles, and traffic control devices, to better help plan, design, and operate transportation systems. In this paper, a study to evaluate and improve the traffic operations at one of the important intersections in Amman is presented. Al-Assaf signalized intersection was chosen for this study. It is located at Wasfi Al-Tall Street; the evaluation shows that the intersection is operating at LOS F with a high delay time. Two solutions were introduced to improve the traffic conditions. The first one is to optimize the signal traffic, this showed a little improvement in delay and the level of service of the intersection remained F. The second solution is to add another lane to the left and through movement by changing and optimizing the timing plan of the signalized intersections, this solution showed a good improvement in the delay time but the intersection's LOS remained F.

Keyphrases: Delay, Level of Service, Signalized Intersection, Synchro Software, Traffic Simulation Modeling

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