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Cost Affect on 3D Printing Technology and Its Scope in Future: a Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 10535

10 pagesDate: July 11, 2023


Three-dimensional (3D) printing (3DP) is a technology that offers a promising value proposition across multiple manufacturing industries with its precision model construction. Despite the variety of product benefits with the technology, its rate of adoption is not what was foreseen by the experts, and the opposite was promised in the industry predictions. 3D printing is only adopted by a handful of institutions/facilities and individuals for academic, research, and experimental purposes. In addition, multiple countries have invested heavily in encouraging the adoption and use of 3D printing in various industries including startups. Through this study, we find that the cost of building a basic 3D printer is no more than 12837 rupees (approx. 157 USD) including 1KG of filament and the differences in quality based on materials such as PETG and PLA. However, observations point out that the technology no longer faces a cost problem but more of a time efficiency problem.

Keyphrases: 3D printing, filaments, PETG, PLA

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