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Application of Co-Creation of Experience in Community-Based Tourism

EasyChair Preprint no. 4831

5 pagesDate: December 29, 2020


For decades, community-based tourism (CBT) has contributed to poverty alleviation and community development where local people are empowered. It has also been remarked that community development through tourism eventually brings new opportunities for local individuals' better future. Besides getting benefits for the community, CBT has also been facing many challenges to sustain its practical implementations in different corners of the world. Research, especially on product design, presentation, interaction, value creation, and sustainable destination management strategies, is inadequately present. The buzzword in sustainable and creative business phenomena "co-creation of experience" could be leveraged to add to the strategic strength, which is still limited to exercise in sustainable CBT development in easy understanding as a handy tool for developing countries. The paper aims to propose a practice guideline for co-creation CBT experiences. For CBT stakeholders and small and medium entrepreneurs who have enormous limitations in human resources and research.

Keyphrases: Co-Creation of Experience, community-based tourism, Sustainability, systematic guideline

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