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Artificial Intelligence Techniques in the Smart Grid: a Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 11600

5 pagesDate: December 21, 2023


The smart grid or the new generation of energy came as an alternative to the traditional energy systems that no longer meet the increasing demand for electricity consumption with the increasing population, using bi-directional flows of electricity and information compatible with the capabilities of communication, advanced computing, control, and self-healing. It appeared to enhance the reliability and efficiency of power distribution with minimal impacts and to establish an automated power delivery network. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the fastest-growing areas of technology and can play an important role in many applications, especially in the energy field. This paper provides a structured review of current research into some artificial intelligence techniques that can be applied to load prediction, power grid stability assessment, fault detection, and safety issues in smart grid and power systems, and aims to introduce the applications of artificial intelligence in enhancing and improving the reliability and flexibility of smart grid systems.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, faults detection, load forecasting, Smart Grid

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