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The Car Is to Advance to the Watershed Next Phase

EasyChair Preprint no. 8555

7 pagesDate: August 2, 2022


Electro-Mobility 2.0 holds the promise of massive change for the better. (subtitle 1)

Could electronics engineers succeed where traditional carmakers have failed? (subtitle 2)

Does tackling the car’s emissions mean that we are done with its impact on our living environment? No. There are way too many ‘auto-mobility’ related issues which remain unsolved. But that may well be a good thing for the industry. Instead of being taken by surprise by what governments will regulate next, the electric car itself can evolve as a problem solver, as a smart device. But in order to smarten up, it better go through the same process the mobile phone went through. Questions. How might such a ‘smart device on wheels’ work? Why is it key to the Holy Grail in personal mobility, driverless? People derive a lot of pleasure from their car. Let’s bring that back, shall we? And at the same time have it ‘clean up its act’.

It goes both ways. The urge to green personal mobility may well run parallel to the quest for automation in car travel, and vice versa, driverless is brought closer by deploying sleek-footprint vehicles. Going from A to B is a Matter of Mass - Energy - Space - Time. As long as we don’t sin against this ‘equation’, we are not only left with options, but can also create whole new opportunities. End the clumsiness of the overweight car and have the best AV tech match the best car format. It may bring about a whole new ecosystem in Personal Mobility, comparable to what Silicon Valley achieved in new media.

Keyphrases: autonomous vehicles, climate change, Energy, micro-mobility, ride-hailing, road safety, space efficiency

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