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ScheduleME - Smart Digital Personal Assistant for Automatic Priority Based Task Scheduling and Time Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 5907

6 pagesDate: June 24, 2021


At present, it has become challenging for university students to manage the university workload (assignments, projects etc.) among their day-to-day tasks and personal chores. It has become hard to spend time efficiently on the tasks that should be prioritized, and to decide what the best way to spend their remaining time is. Even though integration methods and multi-functional Time Management Tools (TMTs) such as Trello and Asana exist, finding, following, and implementing them is time consuming and monotonous. ScheduleME is a smart digital personal assistant which will be in a form of a mobile app that collects and stores all the tasks the student has to do, prioritize them according to their importance, schedule them intelligently across the student’s remaining time considering his/her existing academic and personal timetables and daily routines. A user-friendly and comprehensible mobile app is designed where the right amount of information is presented to the user without important details that user could configure and override and not show too much information such that the user becomes overwhelmed. This overcomes the weakness found in many time management and to do list apps. (e.g. - Trello, Microsoft Tasks, ToDoIst) where the user has to enter all the details of the tasks manually and set the priority manually. The main emphasis of our suggested system is four primary components. They are Data engineering, Intelligent task breakdown and scheduling, Personalized task scheduling and Usercentered interaction design. Aside from that, this system employs a variety of technologies and algorithms to improve the research's accuracy and efficiency.

Keyphrases: Constraint Programming, Data Engineering, Reinforcement Learning, time management, UCID

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