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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Sound and Visual Logos in Brand Recognition (an Abstract)

EasyChair Preprint no. 3238

6 pagesDate: April 23, 2020


In a visual society, logos, colors and shapes are often the most used communication types. It is evident, however, that the market faces saturation of this type of strategy. Get the attention of people has become a goal reached by few companies. The current consumer lives a situation of information overload, making it difficult to communicate an unmistakable brand identity in the consumer's mind. In this context, address the consumer only by traditional signals (such as optical stimuli) is no longer considered enough. The consumer has to ignore information and use their selective attention to give focus to brands that offer more emotional connections, valorous, engagement and content. The acoustic stimuli recently gained importance in the context of changes (in the communication of a brand). Whereas a brand should at least be recognizable and evoke perceptions by the consumer, the question emerges: Customers are actually able to recognize the logo sound of a brand as a message mediator as traditionally occurs in the case of visual logos? This research adopts causal approach. It seeks, through an experiment, to evaluate the potential that just sound variable has in the recognition of a brand.

Keyphrases: Brand Recognition, experimental study, Sound and Visual Logos, Sound Branding

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