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The Effect of Health and Safety Rules on the Nigerian Construction Industry

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10 pagesDate: July 11, 2020


This paper examines the occupational health and safety rules in the Nigerian construction. The objective of the study is to assess the effect of rules on the performance of Nigerian construction industry. This study adopts a questionnaire survey to elicit information from construction professionals. 45 responses received and fit for analysis. Percentile means chart and means score were used in analysed the data received and was appropriately ranked. The survey revealed that the level of awareness of the respondents about the health and safety act and its composition is 47% while education and training have the highest mean score of 3.73 as a method of improving safety practices. It also revealed that reduce the threat of legal action has the highest mean score of 3.91 as the effect of the health and safety rules. Its, therefore, suggested that all safety rules and regulations must be complied with and regulatory bodies must make the necessary effort to enforce the safety rules. It is also suggested that the government to continue updating all health and safety rules to meet with present challenges in the construction industry. This study concludes that excellent safety practices can improve the safety performance of the Nigerian construction industry

Keyphrases: Construction Industry, Employees, Health, safety, Workplace

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