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A Low-Cost Disk Imaging Device Using Raspberry Pi 4 for Digital Forensics

EasyChair Preprint no. 10794

6 pagesDate: August 28, 2023


As with crimes that occur in the real world, cybercrime cases also require investigation to obtain evidence so that cases can be brought to court. Digital forensics is a great way to investigate evidence from cybercrime. The process of investigating digital evidence cannot be carried out arbitrarily because errors in treating digital evidence can injure or even damage the evidence so that it cannot be used legally for the judicial process. It is necessary to copy evidence so that the process of deepening the evidence is not carried out directly on the original digital evidence so as to avoid or at least minimize damage to digital evidence. At the time of conducting the investigation, an investigator certainly needs tools and supporting devices that can facilitate his work by also considering the accuracy and reliability of these tools and devices. In addition, the cost factor also needs to be considered by an investigator in choosing the tools and equipment used. In this study, the design and construction of a low-cost disk imaging device was carried out as a means of copying evidence in the digital forensics process using a Raspberry Pi 4. The results of testing and analysis showed that the resulting device was relatively low in cost and had good performance in terms of speed and accuracy of the results.

Keyphrases: Digital Forensics, Disk Imaging, low cost, Raspberry Pi 4

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