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Online Pharmacy (an Android Application)

EasyChair Preprint no. 4882

5 pagesDate: January 11, 2021


I am making an android app which will provide a platform for pharmacies to sign up for online delivery of maediciens and customers to register themselves and buy medicines online from the registered pharmacies.

I will use Google’s mobile and web application development platform ,firebase database  in the backend to seamlessly synchronized changes in data in realtime across all running instances of the app.

Important feature:

One tap Ambulance Booking

Now a days online cab booking is used world wide on a large scale,this app introduce one tap ambulance booking.This eliminates delay and saves time which can be crucial in an emergency .with the integration of Google maps API ,the app shows the nearest hospitals which the user can navigate to via jst one tap.

Statical Analysis of business Trends

Leveraging the power of data visualization libraries, the app delivers incisive and highly useful insights into the latest trend in medical purchase made on the platform.


There are 3  dashboards interefaces for customers, vendor and admin. All the essential options are available for customers and vendors. Admin can mange manage there vendors and customers.

Keyphrases: Android Application, Architecture desgin, problem formulation

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